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Ensemble Online is an open world, sandbox strategy game with RPG elements in which you to tactically control territory, harvest resources, and construct buildings anywhere on an expansive, real-time, persistent map.

It’s an MMO that centers around: Diplomacy, RPG elements, economics, and capturing land.

Ensemble is a Free-to-Play, browser-based game, making it accessible to both the casual and hardcore player and allowing it to be played on PC, Mac, Linux, and a large number of smartphones and tablets.

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*NOTE* Ensemble Online has been closed for an unknown reason




Cidona, a small but populous city, is surrounded on all sides by the Mysian Mountains. Cidona’s isolation has never bothered the townspeople; in fact, they have relished the peace and quiet. But this safety has brought about a problem of its own: overpopulation.

In response to this, parties have long ventured into these mountains, searching for a route out. Many of these adventurous souls never return. Those that do come back are unsuccessful, lamenting at the sheer size of the Mysian Mountains and the hopelessness of the task. The adventurous spirit of the citizens has steadily waned, some losing hope altogether.

The latest party returned with a different discovery, however: a plot of uncharted territory deep within the peaks.

In response to this discovery, the Cidonian government made a decree: In order to ease the already rampant overcrowding, any traveler daring enough to settle this new territory would be given a large sum of resources to aide in the construction of new cities.

The first few groups of settlers have made their way to the New Land and already strange reports are coming back. While resources are bountiful and the new territory has plenty of space, a few have reported seeing massive steel creatures near the outskirts. The settlers have yet to approach these creatures and it’s uncertain what they are or where they came from, but those who saw them described them as utterly terrifying.

Perhaps more troubling is that the lack of government presence in the New Land has caused ambitions to get the best of many of the adventurers. There are many feuds over land, power struggles, and some have already started constructing fortresses and amassing troops. In an alarmingly short amount of time, the bright future of this new land is rapidly dimming.



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